Recent Before & After Photos

Calgary Garage Destroyed by Backyard Fire

Some fire jobs are more extreme than others. This backyard fire completely destroyed this home owner's garage, stored materials, and vehicle. The fire was so la... READ MORE

Calgary Storm Fill Basements with Water

When a major storm hit Calgary the excess water resulted in a sewer backup and this basement filled up with dirty water. Water can be placed into three categori... READ MORE

Post-Construction Cleanup

Mess of any kind? SERVPRO of Calgary South can take care of it! In this situation this public restroom had some concrete work done and quite the mess was left b... READ MORE

Patching Drywall After a Water Event

Here at SERVPRO of Calgary South we always strive to repair your damaged property back to its original state, "Like it never even happened." After this water ev... READ MORE

Hidden Water Damage in Downtown Calgary

Not everything is as it seems. Just because the space looks to be dry, doesn't mean that there wasn't any previous water damage. When SERVPRO of Calgary South a... READ MORE

Cleaning Up a Calgary Basement Fire

Restoring a structure after a fire is a long process that can be quite hazardous. Fire can weaken structural supports making the building a fall risk. Luckily o... READ MORE

Calgary Basement Fire Requires Thorough Clean

When SERVPRO of Calgary South received a call about a local basement fire, we jumped on the call. Fire jobs require a long list of specialty equipment. It is no... READ MORE

Calgary Cold Snap Causes Ice Damming

Calgary chinooks mixed with sudden cold snaps can cause ice to quickly melt and refreeze. When ice is blocking a drainage system, such as a rain gutter, the wat... READ MORE

Leaky Toilet Wreaks Havoc in Calgary Home

These Calgary homeowners were in for quite the surprise when they came home. Their upstairs toilet line leaked and eventually burst causing water to absolutely ... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall Damages Calgary Basement

Having proper drainage around your home is essential to mitigating the risk of water damage to your property. Heavy rainfall resulted in water pooling up around... READ MORE