Water Damage Photo Gallery

Wet Carpet? SERVPRO has you covered

At SERVPRO of Calgary South our team has the expertise and equipment to tackle any job. This man is extracting water from a carpet. Wet carpet can grow mould if it is not taken care of effectively. 

Equipment: Moisture Meter

When drying wet/damaged materials it is very important to be able to measure the amount of moisture that persists in the wall, this is where the moisture meter comes in handy. Moisture readings are taken daily to ensure that the drying equipment is positioned in the most efficient locations and to make sure the wall is back to baseline moisture readings before removing the equipment.

Infrared Photo Reveals Water Damage

There are many techniques used to inspect a property for water damage. This Infrared (IR) photo reveals water build up in an attic space (see the darker spots). The benefit of using IR is that there is no physical evidence of inspection. But IR cannot be used alone, it can just help you on the initial inspection

Looking on the Bright Side of a Disaster

Fires, Floods, and Mould can cause extreme damage to your home and add an unnecessary amount of stress to your everyday lives. This homeowner saw the silver lining and used this opportunity to renovate to the kitchen of their dreams.